28 de out. de 2020


I started this blog almost 7 years ago in order to collect as much information as possible about bands/projects from the Grindcore/Noise universe, because almost nothing was available on the internet (information, mp3, etc...)
Unfortunately the blog was stopped for 4 years, a lot of things discouraged me in that time (accounts that were excluded due to denunciation, many times it didn't even come from the band or label.. my HD damaged and almost lost all my files.. personal problems)

And now another cycle has closed... I posted almost everything I have so far.

My object has always been to support and strengthen the scene for its growth.

I want to thank everyone who has always supported me on the blog, everyone who sent me material, information, my sincere Thanks.

I would like to ask if you know bands/projects that fit the proposal of this blog, send me the material that I will post.

I'll leave here a list of bands that search for any type of information (line-up, images, albums, mp3, genre, country, etc...) :
Arrakis (Genre: Grindcore, United States)
Beneath The Behemoth (Drone/Noise, Country: ?) "was it a Christian project ?"
Burning Fetus Vomit (Grindcore/Harsh-Noise, Belgium)
Cave Of Mercy (Death Metal/Grindcore, Brazil)
Cephalic Severance (eGrind/Cybergrind, United States) "was it a Christian project ?"
Clinic Carnage (??, United States) [project of Hayden - Demonic Dismemberment] "was it a Christian project ?"
Coprophile (Gorenoise, United States)
Damonion Anario (Grindcore, United States)
Dephleshed Creation (Grindcore, Australia)
Dismembered Concubine (Death Metal/Grindcore, United States) "was it a Christian project ?"
DizGraça (Grindcore, Brazil)
Edify (Punk Crust/Grindcore, United States)
Enshrouded Mortuary (Death Metal/Grindcore, Country: ?)
Estater (Death Metal/Grindcore, Brazil)
Eternal Damnation [Grimness Enshroud] (Grindcore, United States)
Execrados (Death Metal/Grindcore, Brazil)
Exhale (Death Metal/Grindcore, Sweden) "was it a Christian project ?"
Ghlavkdur (Harsh-Noise, Country: ?) "...and who is responsible for the project?"
Gore Expulsion (Goregrind, United States)
Kremator (Death Metal/Grindcore, Country: ?)
Lombo Podre (Goregrind/Noise, Brazil) "was it a Christian project ?"
Maggot Infested Carcassile Decomposition (Goregrind, Australia)
Mutilated Baphomet (Brutal Death Metal/Slamming, Albania)
Nphillum (Grindcore/Gorenoise/Powerviolence, United States)
Omen (Genre: *probably Harsh-Noise, United States) [project of A.W. Powell - Twitch, Lackthrow]
Spilling The Blood Of The Devil (Genre: ??, United States)
Putrid Rotten Sin Impaler (Goregrind, United States)
Repentance (Grindcore, United States)
Risen Corpse (Genre: ??, United States) [project of Broc Toney - Eternal Mystery]
Rotten Vomit (Death Metal/Gore, Sweden)
Santo Barulho Esmagador (Grindcore, Brazil)
Scrolls (Death Metal/Grindcore, Brazil)
Shekinah (Death Metal/Grindcore, Mexico)
Sikarra (Genre: ??, Country: ?)
Static Messiah (Harsh-Noise, Russia) "was it a Christian project ?"
Stephen Palke (Harsh-Noise/Experimental, United States) "was it a Christian project ?"
Triomic (Death Metal/Grindcore, United States)
Violence Christ (Thrash Metal/Crossover, Colombia)
Zaeta (Death Metal/Gore, Bolivia)
Zombie Devourment (Death Metal/Grindcore, United States)

* And note that many bands on the blog still lack information, if anyone can help thank you

here some bands that still lack information:

Here is a huge list of albums I'm looking for, if you have something please send it to me ..

Anything you want to send, you can leave it here in the comments or send me an email: spllattergore@gmail.com

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