16 de nov de 2014

Lights For Nero

Genre: Grindcore/Punk Crust/Jazzgrind
Country: United States
Formed in: 2002

Vocals - Colton Barnes
Vocals/Saxophone - Joseph Young (Edify, JEYcannon)
Guitars - Matthew Saxon (EdifyChildren Of The 11th Hour)
Bass - Ben Gunter (Children Of The 11th Hour)
Drums - Steven Cheek

Past Members:
Vocals - Jason Kinch (Edify, The Map Says We’re Fucked)
Guitars - Joel Wainscott (Edify)
Guitars - Christopher Deans
Guitars - Jordan Blackmon (No Way Jose!, Alaska The Tiger, Brave Horatious / Pussy Wizard)
Bass - Darcy Del Priore (EdifyChildren Of The 11th Hour)
Drums  - Michael Pope (Edify)

Site: http://myspace.com/lightsfornero

2003 - Dying To Shed Light On The Narrow Path Of The Anathema Heist
01 - The Lottery Of Man's Wisdom
02 - Ambulance Weddings And Short-Lived Casket Honeymoons
03 - Banjo
04 - Frog X Cannot Move Because It Is Fact, An Ex-Frog
05 - Swimming My Heart Out Like A Fish Against The Current Of Pollution
06 - Sackcloth And Ashes Should Be The New Fashion This Season
07 - Altar Calls Or Caskets... Brought To You By The Corrupt Crusaders
08 - Chalk Outlines Cover The Dance Floors
09 - How The Plane Crash Became A Cliche'
Link: Download

2004 - ...And Little Lambs Eat Nations
01 - Dead Kid Not Included
02 - Back To School In Sackcloth And Ashes
03 - The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Weapon Inspectors
04 - Ambulance Weddings And Short-Lived Casket Honeymoons
05 - Mr. Jones' Farm And The Tower Of Babel
06 - Anxiously Awaiting The Death Of The Make-Out Club
07 - How The Plane Crash Became A Cliché
08 - Chalk Outlines Cover The Dance Floors
09 - A Butcher, A Baker...What's The Difference
10 - The Hag Vs. The Night Of A Thousand Heists
Link: Download

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