4 de mar de 2014

World Against World

Banda Formada em 1998, antes se chamava Spudgun
Gênero: Crossover/Punk Crust
Local: Estados Unidos

Vocal - Jason Kelly
Guitarra - Josh Weaver
Baixo - Ryan Weaver
Bateria - Jason Peterson

Site: http://myspace.com/worldagainstworld

1998 - Until the Day Breaks and the Shadows Flee Away
01 - Disrupted Darkness And Scattered Spirits
02 - Our Nation Of Thoughtlessness Celebrates Immorality While Seeking Independence From But Nevertheless Finding A Plague Of Sorrow
03 - The Hope Of The Wicked Has Become Despair
04 - A Somber Tale Of Repentance
05 - The Destruction Of The World In All Of Her Glorious Splendor
06 - Scared Silent
07 - Insomnia For The Dead
08 - We Dance With The Moment On The 2nd Story Of Fatality, Unaware Of The Flames Slowly Spreading Up The Stairs
09 - Deserted Concern For The Irrefutable
10 - One Final Attempt At Righting Our Wrongs
Link: Download

World Against World - Live At Cornerstone 1998

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