16 de fev de 2014

Tormented Death

Band formed in 1991, was the pioneer in the style "Splatter" in the Christian scene in Brazil, the band got to record a demo-rehearsal with the featuring of Cláudio Tibérius (Devilcrusher Berith)..

Genre: Splatter/Death Metal
Country: Brazil
Formed in: 1991

Vocals - Carlos Nogarolli (Rotten Sores, Flames On Fire)
Guitars - Marlos Vasconcelos (Putrid Antichrist, Faith Cross)
Bass - NBJ Jr.
Drums - Crystian Anderson "JC Grinder"

Past Members:
Drums - Cláudio Tibérius (MorfolkDevilcrusher BerithDeath Poems, EucatastrofeDeathless Fate)
Unknown - Aurélio
Unknown - Denize Cristina

Contact: marlos_vasconcelos@yahoo.com.br

Interview (Web-Zine Sin Killer)

199? - Demo Ensaio (Demo-Tape)
PS: I have no information on this album..

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