22 de set de 2015

Abated Mass Of Flesh

Genre: Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore
Country: United States

Vocals - Matthew Plunkett (Dysfunctional Rotout / Xantravor, Apocalypse Of The Risen, Cadaverous Contingency)
Guitars - Zack Plunkett (Dysfunctional Rotout / Xantravor, Widow And The Son, Cadaverous Contingency, Numbered With The Transgressors)
Guitars - Thomas Wingate
Bass - Max Tubville (Fleshdeath, Essence Of Immortality)
Drums - Riley Wingate

Site: http://abatedmassofflesh.bigcartel.com

2015 - Abbhorent Postmortal Vicissity - EP
01 - Repulsive Virulent Dissemination
02 - Interminable Enslavement
03 - Parallels Of Poignant Entropy
04 - Perpetual Repudiation
05 - Disembodied
Link: Download

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